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MW PRIMED SET is the pinnacle of excellence in chassis mount canopies, seamlessly blending unparalleled quality with affordability. This canopy represents the culmination of extensive research and analysis, drawing insights from over 2500 meticulously conducted chassis mount canopy installations by MW every year.

Through leveraging this wealth of data, MW has crafted a solution that perfectly aligns with the diverse needs of mainstream Ute chassis sizes prevalent in the market. No longer do customers have to settle for a generic “one size fits all” approach. At MW, we prioritize precision and customization, ensuring that each mainstream Ute model is matched with a uniquely tailored, optimal pre-designed size canopy.

With the MW Ready to Go Chassis Mount Canopy, customers can rest assured that they are investing in a product that not only exceeds expectations in terms of quality but is also thoughtfully designed to meet their specific requirements with utmost precision and finesse.

Structure Feature

1. High Quality Material:
   a. 3.0mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium
   b. C-Channel canopy mounts
   c. Canopy base is constructed from welded high-strength aluminum tubes, dry weight of chassis mount canopy is ~250kg.

2. Weatherproof Performance:
   a. The canopy is equipped with a fully rubber seal and water gutter for enhanced waterproofing and protection against the elements.
   b. The doors of the canopy are assisted by gas struts for smooth and effortless opening and closing.

3. The canopy features full-length piano stainless steel hinges with rubber covers for added durability and protection against corrosion.

4. Fully welded according to Australian standards, utilizing high-quality MIG welding for structural integrity and TIG welding for a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish.

5. The fully welded reinforced structure with Unistrut Rails significantly enhances the strength of the canopy while also making it easier and non-destructive to install various accessories such as shelves, dividers, and 12V systems. This system ensures structural integrity while providing versatility for customization and expansion of your canopy setup according to your specific requirements.

6. The canopy is installed on a 5mm powder-coated steel installation kit, which includes 8.8 stainless steel bolts and locking nuts for secure and durable attachment.

Internal Feature

1. LED lights
The canopy is equipped with LED strip lights on each door, featuring inward bend angle light brackets for optimal illumination. Additionally, it offers a 3-way lighting colour switch for customizable lighting options according to your preference.

2. Remote control locking system
The canopy features a 12V remote control locking system, seamlessly integrated within the canopy itself for added convenience and security. With the remote control system, you can easily lock and unlock the canopy with the press of a button, providing ease of access and peace of mind.

3. Flush floor with Unistrut rails system
The canopy is equipped with a flush floor system featuring Unistrut rails, providing a seamless and versatile solution for internal setup. The built-in flush floor system incorporates Multifunctional Unistrut rails, allowing for easy installation of accessories without the need for drilling or welding, thereby preventing any damage to the structure. Additionally, the rails are coved by a specially designed PVC cover, enhancing durability and aesthetics. This system can be expanded to accommodate various internal setups with ease, offering flexibility and convenience.

4. Anderson plug
The canopy includes a pre-installed Anderson plug outlet, serving as a versatile electrical circuit expansion system. This system is wired with LED lights and the remote control locking system for added functionality and convenience. Additionally, it features two Anderson plug connections, allowing for easy plug-in and plug-out of accessories or additional electrical devices as per the customer’s future modification requirements. This setup ensures adaptability and flexibility to accommodate various customization needs.

5. Three points locking system with protection locking cover
a.The canopy is equipped with a heavy-duty three-point locking system, ensuring secure closure and protection of your belongings. Additionally, it features a lock cover designed to provide added protection, safeguarding the locking system from damage caused by items stored inside the canopy, especially during off-road driving conditions. This protective lock cover enhances the durability and longevity of the locking mechanism, providing peace of mind and security for your valuables.

External Feature

1. Powder coating inside and outside Mannex black (Door and undertray box lids colour matching option)

2. Maxi LED taillights (High quality taillight system)

3. The canopy features a robust roof rack system comprising three Unistrut rails, designed to support up to 300kg of static weight or 250kg of dynamic weight on the roof. This multifunctional design allows for easy expansion to accommodate more professional roof racks or additional accessories as needed. With its sturdy construction and versatile capabilities, the roof rack system provides ample support for transporting heavy loads and various equipment, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

4. Flare mud guard (adjustable to suit up to 37-inchtyre);

5. The canopy includes undertray boxes that are waterproof and provide additional storage space. These undertray boxes offer customers the convenience of storing items such as air compressors, enhancing accessibility and convenience. This feature allows for efficient organization of equipment and ensures that essential items are easily accessible when needed.

6. The canopy includes a custom-made size triangle cover designed specifically for your Ute, serving as a fuel triangle cover. This cover enhances aesthetics and reduces wind noise. Additionally, for LC79 models, the fuel filler is built into an undertray box, providing convenient access and further enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of the canopy.

7. The LC79 canopy features a 250mm tray deck and rear wing bar design, providing enhanced protection for the spare tire while adding a stylish and modern touch to the overall appearance. This design not only safeguards the spare tire but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the canopy, ensuring that your vehicle stands out with a sleek and fashionable look.

Optional Accessories

1. Undertray accessory option (undertray slide drawer, undertray slide kitchen option).

2. Back wall accessory option (adjustable spare wheel carrier, jerry can, gas bottle can and rear ladder).

3. Underbody water tank with optional water pump and tap upgrades available.

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Customer Information

If you’re interested in selecting a chassis mount canopy for an extra cab or single cab, or for USA trucks such as RAM, Ford F trucks, Silverado, or GMC, please click on the following link: 【Custom Build Chassis Mount Canopy】

This link will direct you to our custom build options, where you can specify your vehicle type and requirements to tailor the canopy to your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help.