Toyota Hilux Chassis Mount Canopy

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Customer Information


All MW Chassis Mount Canopies are CUSTOM MADE and MADE IN PERTH facility. From source of raw material to manufacturing process, our team delivers you the best quality and locally fabricated chassis mount canopies at your satisfaction.

Weight varies depending on vehicle size and combination of accessories added to your build. Typically a dual cab size chassis mount canopy weighs 250KGs ~ 350KGs, plus all internal fit-outs and roof top tent on top of this figure.

At MW, we offer more flexibilities in design and accessories than any other canopy suppliers.  
To list a few, from choice of metal materials, to dimensions/profile of your canopy, to options of accessories including underbody drawers, underbody boxes, roof rack systems, rear wall attachment options, canopy floor design, internal fit-out accessories and color of powder coating finish. Let your sales representatives know your needs or specify in your quote request form.

All chassis mount canopies are fabricated in Perth facility. Lead time of production varies based on complexity of build and season of the year. 8-10 weeks for common builds and can be longer if internal fit-outs and electrical systems are involved.

Thanks to our industry leading reinforcing method and welding techniques, roof of our chassis mount canopies can carry 250KGs when vehicle is in motion, and much more when vehicle is stationary.