Canopy Pantry (200mm Wide) Canopy Drawer


MW Canopy Pantry®

What does this MW Canopy Pantry do?
MW Canopy Pantry is your best canopy space-saving solution to store your cookware and cooking ingredients. However customers can also use this for trade & work purposes as well.
With the all-purpose design, it allows you to fully utilise the space in your canopy, and the same time still have room for your fridge, drawers etc.


  • 3.0mm heavy duty tensile flat plate aluminium construction
  • Dimension: 200W x 600D x 660H (more details see in pictures)
  • 125KGs rated heavy duty locking drawer runners
  • User-Friendly Design: two adjustable shelves, bottom storage long pocket, front storage shelves, all fitted with bungy cords.
  • Built-In 55mm packer
  • Light-weight: 13KGs

Notice: Price for WA Metro Area Only and GST Inclusive


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